Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inspirantional Quotes From Spirit 105.9

  • You had me at believe!
  • Sing for Jesus, Dance for Jesus, Cry to Jesus, Fly to Jesus
  • My world from a mile high, best seat in the house tonight. Touch down on the cold black top, hold on for the sudden stop.
  • All those people going somewhere, why have I never cared? 
  • Hold on just a little longer, He promises that this is gonna make you stronger.
  • You're an over comer!
  • They tell me that your the King of everything, the one that tought the wind to sing. 
  • I'm an open book.
  • I wanna tell you that now I'm believing.
  • Author of Salvation, Maker of the stars, let me be your work of art, write your story on my heart!  
  • We believe in God the Father
  • We believe in The Holy Spirit and he's giving us new life
  • We believe in the Crucifixion.
  • We believe in the resurrection and that He's coming back again!

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