Friday, September 27, 2013

Wishing For An Angel

Wishing For An Angel
By Emma Lippincott

I wished above the world. Maybe I wished too far. My Mommy told me that everyone has an angel. And when that angel comes to get you, you become an angel, too.
I could imagine myself as an angel. But who could want an angel with black hair as ugly as mine? My hair is so ugly. 
My Mom called me down for lunch. 
"Angels again, Kim?" she asked.
"Yes. Who could want me as their angel? I'm ugly." I said.
"Kim!! Your beautiful and you know it." she said. 
"Have you heard the new song, Angel With A Shotgun by Nightcore?" I asked, trying to change the subject. 
"No." she answered, trying to stay on task. 
"It goes: 'I don't care if heaven won't take me back! I'm an angel with a shotgun!" I sung.
"Sounds nice." Mom said. 
I finished my lunch without saying another word. 
I went up to my room.

Dear Diary,
I think I might of wished too far for my angel to come.
Maybe my angel IS an angel with a shotgun. 
Maybe heaven won't take her back.
If that happens, 
maybe I can't go to heaven, 

I bit my nails. I slammed my head on the desk
"No! I don't want that to happened!!" I wailed. 
Just then, my brother kicked open the door.
"Move, crybaby!" he shouted. 
"Kenny!!!" I shouted.
"Move! I need your motor!" he said.
"You idiot!!!!! I'm a girl! I don't play with mini motors!!!" i slapped him.
"Owww!!! I left my motor in your room." he picked up a motor and slammed the door behind him. I threw a binder at the door. 
"Stupid boy!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted. 
I clicked my CD player. The newest song came on. 
"This song is TRASH!" I said. 
An odd thing. I programmed my CD player to play the newest songs like a radio. I could aslo switch 'gears' and play my own songs.
I wrote the lyrics from An Angel With A Shotgun.

An Angel With A Shotgun-Nightcore
I don't care if heaven won't take me back!
I'm an angel with a shotgun.

It turns out, I never wished too much.

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